There are so many local bands that you come across and know, despite all the hype and couple hundred who turn out to see them, that there’s not enough substance and their sound is just too immature to merit wider success. Bravo, Max! is not among them. They are one of those bands that I hear and then thank god they’re in DFW. One of those bands that makes me feel lucky, the way Midlake made me feel in High School–like i’m in the right place at the right time to catch an early glimpse of something great. Bravo, Max! sounds like a band that has been writing together their whole lives and the songs are the end product of years of perfecting tone and form. There’s a maturity to their work and a timelessness to their their infectious roots-rock and sentimental lyrics. These observations are made more impressive by the fact that they’ve only just released their debut album, Dog’s Night. The band is now offering “Pills,” an awesome cut from the record for free download. Listen and download below.

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